My take on a new trend

Finally!! I recently read an article about the new “push present” trend that really sparked me.

I can’t remember the first time I heard the term push present but I do remember thinking it had to be a joke. Where am I?? In Kim Kardashian land??? There can’t really be women, I mean real women, out there who demand a present to push out a baby. Can there? The bigger question to me is, am I the only one who feels like this is a little much? The article showed me that I’m not the only one who feels that this is a trend that needs to go away.

You can find the article here:

Now let me make myself clear. For a husband, a mother, or a sibing or another close relative to give a present to the mother to be, to comemorate the occasion is not an issue in itself. We, as a society celebrate occassions. For example, we celebrate our highschool graduation, university graduation, our engagements, our wedding day with gifts, why can’t we celebrate the birth of a child by giving a present? THere is nothing wrong with giving a gift to celebrate the occassion. It’s actually a nice thought to give something that can be kept as a memory, as a reminder of such a beautiful moment. My mother gave me a beautiful bracelet when my son was born. She gave it as a keepsake, as a thank you for sharing the delivery with her. I have it as a memory. A memory of the birth of my first child. A reminder of a wonderful moment that I shared with two of the most important people in my life (before my children), my husband and my mother. I don’t see a present as a problem.

The first problem I have with the whole idea of a push present is with a woman demanding a present to “push” out her baby. Honestly?? The article, is 100% right in that it totally perpetuates the sterotype of women being materialistic. You need a purse or a diamond because you did such a good job and deserve something nice for it? Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time and all of a sudden we need a prezzie as a pat on the back, something to say good for you? This to me just falls into our sense of entitlement. What happened to bathing in love for your new beautiful little bundle? Now that love must be bathed in the bling of a brand new diamond ring?

The second issue I have with it is the term “push present” The term itself does insinuate that the present is for the act of pushing out the baby. It does not imply that it’s something as a memory of the occassion. I mean how can a Coach purse be a way to remember such a wonderful occassion? If you get your partner a present why does it have to be called a push present?

The whole idea of it to me is just a sign of where our society is right now. The selfishness, the materialism, the excess. I agree with Kristine when she says enough already!

I am the mother of two. My two babies were the best presents I could ever ask for.  I’m glad I finally read something that is pointing out how silly this new trend really is. Note to Mr. C, if we do decide to go for # 3…no push present required 🙂


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