The beauty of a grand-parent

Yesterday we celebrated Mr. C’s grandmother’s birthday as a family. I sat back and watched Mr. C’s grandparents interacting with my children and thought to myself how fortunate we are that my children have the chance to get to know their great grand-parents! How amazing is that??

I do not have any grandparents left. All of mine have passed away. Mr. C. still has all four of his grand parents left. All 4!! I feel like at our age it’s rare to have any of your grandparents left let alone all 4. Not only does he have all 4 left but he has a very special relationship with two of them. They have a beautiful bond. In the ten years that I have known Mr. C. I have also grown very close to his grandparents. THey have become my surrogate grandparents. THey are kind and thoughtful people, bringing me chocolates every time they see me, making me feel like a little girl again.

I grew up living a far distance from all of my family. We saw them often but when you don’t live close enough to see them on a regular basis it can be difficult to have as close of a relationship. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents when I was young. As my brother and I got older and our lives got busier we didn’t spend as much time together as we probably should have.

I look back now and feel a little sad about that. I realize that my grandparents didn’t really know me as an adult, especially my mother’s parents who passed away when I was still a teenager and who lived out of country. I wonder sometimes if they would be proud of me, of the person I have become. I wonder if they would love my kids, if they would want to have a relationship with my children.

I sat watching Mr. C’s grandparents connecting with my children with a heavy heart as I became conscious of the fact that my children were never going to meet my grandparents.

Then it hit me that my heart shouldn’t be heavy, it should be happy that I have been successful in giving my children the chance to know their grandparents! Growing up I always wanted my children to be close to their grandparents. I made a decision to stay close to home so that my children could have a bond with my parents that I didn’t necessarily have with theirs. My children have a very close relationship with their Nana, Grandad and Lita. We spend a lot of time with our parents.  We have travelled as a family, we go on outings to parks and events and sometimes it’s just an afternoon at each other’s homes. I love that we see them often. I love that my kids love them and feel close to them.

I am so thankful that our parents put in that effort to maintain a good relationship with their grandchildren. THey really want to be a part of their lives. From the very beginning, when Mr. T. was in the hospital and they came every single day. To now where they not only see them often but they take the time to plan fun things to do with them so that Mr. T. and Ms. J will always have these memories to take with them forever.

Recently my Dad planted some flowers with them and every day Mr. T. checks out the plant to see if flowers have sprouted. He then calls Grandad to share the news. Mr. T. loves to play what he calls the laughing game with Nana. The laughing game is simply some form of kicking a ball around the backyard, chasing each other and giggling uncontrollably.

It makes my heart smile to see that my children will grow up with a special bond with their grandparents. The same bond that Mr. C. shares with his grandparents. I know they will cherish this relationship for life. The love between a grandparent and grandchild is special. I’m glad my children are getting the chance to experience that love, not only from their grandparents but they are blessed enough to experience that love from their great grandparents as well. I hope they take these memories with them through life because the love of a grandparent is a special kind of love and one that not every one is fortunate enough to have.


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