Feeling very blessed today

My lovely family threw me an early birthday party today. It was thrown early because the weekend of my actual birthday we are throwing a birthday party for Mr. T and Ms. J. I realize that the fact that my birthday and both my kids birthdays are within days of each other is going to make it hard to celebrate all and that’s ok with me. I would rather everyone spend their time, energy and money celebrating my children. So today it meant alot to me that the people who feel that I am important to them made the effort to celebrate early so that my birthday wasn’t missed.

It was a wonderful pool party and even though the weather could have been warmer we had a blast in the pool! The water was warm and the company was even warmer.

I received wonderful prezzies and beautiful warm wishes.

I feel truly blessed today. To look around and see that I am surrounded by people who love me. People who care enough to take time out of their day to come and celebrate me! 🙂

Life can’t get any better than this. I have a wonderful husband, beautiful children, wonderful parents and a massive extended family that are always there for me. In good times and bad. For this I will always be thankful. No matter what life throws at me I can look at all of these amazing people in my life and know that I will always be blessed.

This is what life is about.



2 thoughts on “Feeling very blessed today

  1. This is beautiful you certainly deserve all the love and blessings.

    I needed to read this today we are buying our first home and my mat leave ends all this week and the stress of it all makes life feel so hard and unfair but yes family makes it all worth while and remind you after all the hard times the celebration is there and the beauty of life is in your childrens’ eyes. : ))))

    • Thanks Natasha! Life is so full of stress and it’s so easy to get caught up in that and forget about how blessed we really are. Congratulations on the house and I hope that your back to work transition goes as smoothly as possible. It will be tough at first but as the weeks go on it does get easier 🙂

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