I’ve been slacking!

OK so I’ve been slacking all week! Every day I’ve thought ok today I will log back on with my happy thoughts and something got in the way. Most days it was simply because I was exhausted and once the kids were in bed all I could do was lay on the couch, if I even made it that far before falling asleep.

So I apologize for the slacking. I actually do have a lot on my mind that might be helpful to get out in a blog. I’m preparing myself to go back to work which can be stressful. Both Mr. T’s and Ms J’s bday is coming up in the next couple of weeks.  When Mr. T”s birthday comes around it tends to remind me of his time at Sick Kids. Usually we have a lot of Sick Kids follow-up appointments to go to around his birthday. This year is no exception. So that’s always on my mind.

But for right now, in this post I would like to focus on my happy moment of the day. I’ve missed a few days doing it so today I will not post about my worries, stresses or fears. Today I will end my day smiling.

My happy moment today was right at the beginning of the day. Mr. T and Ms. J were both in bed with us, somehow they both ended up in our bed in the early morning hours. Both woke up well before I was ready to get up. As Mr. C. and I lay there with our eyes closed, under the blankets trying to will both kids with our minds to just sleep for a few more minutes, Mr. T and Ms. J chatted. I snuck a peek by opening one eye just the teeniest bit..not enough for them to notice that I was awake, but enough for me to see what they were doing. They were both facing each other smiling. Mr. T. asking Ms. J “how was your sleep?” and Ms. J chatting away in her baby gibberish. Then with such tenderness, Ms. J leaned forward, smiling , with her little sleepy face and threw her arms around Mr. T giving him a wonderful morning hug. Mr. T was so happy. His face beamed and he stroked her hair gently (and let me tell you Mr. T being gentle with Ms. J doesn’t happen often) and said “you want snuggles?” and they hugged for what seemed like a long time, but may have just been seconds.

It was enough to make me forget how tired I really was, how badly I wanted to just sleep a few more minutes. It just made me want to get up and start my day with my beautiful family. And I did.


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