What did parents do before google???

So recently Mr. C. was cutting Ms. J’s nails and nicked her. Something most parents do at least once in a child’s life. Not uncommon at all and not a big deal. Ms. J wasn’t even bothered by it…cried for a little bit and then was fine and calmed down.

It bled for about an hour.

Mr. C was putting pressure on it, putting ice on it, elevating it…we tried everything. I called Telehealth Ontario and got some advice. We did what they said..still bleeding! Poor little monkey was exhausted..it was WAYYYY past her bedtime…she didn’t have the greatest nap in the afternoon, she was hungry and was still taking it like a champ. Finally I nursed her and Mr. C put a band-aid on it and we left it for about 15-20 minutes while I nursed. 

I looked down at Ms J and her cheeks were all red and she was drifting off to sleep and I started to panick. Why wasn’t the bleeding stopping? Could she have some sort of bleeding disorder? Should I take her to the ER. I started to mentally plan out how I would get her to the ER. I’d have to put her pj’s on, then get myself dressed and Mr. C. could stay with Mr. T. This….all over a nick on the thumb nail!!! 

Mr. C. was downstairs googling it and as I sat upstairs rocking my little peach I wondered what in the heck did parents do before google????

I google everything to do with my kids! I’m terrible. I have googled to learn about pretty much every stage of their lives so far. How to feed them, put them to sleep, get them to nap, how to entertain a baby, how to potty train..and the list goes on. Some of my google phrases include the following:

 “green poop in breastfed baby”

“I nicked my baby and bleeding wont’ stop”

“How many times should a 4 month old breastfeed”

“How many hours should a 3 month old sleep”

“Breastfed baby and vomit”

“Teething remedies”

It’s ridiculous. But here’s the thing, you can google a health issue…let’s say “I nicked my baby and bleeding won’t stop” and you can find helpful info, stories of other parents who have done the same thing and all worked out for the best. A n EMT who did it to their baby and just put a band-aid on and it eventually stopped. YOu feel better,” ok I’m not the only one whose done it and it’ll stop soon” OR you can come across that random site talking about a child with a bleeding disorder who died after getting a paper cut and you PANIC!!! You can drive yourself nuts, self diagnosing, pouring over thousands of sites, articles, posts trying to figure out which one fits your situation. Eventually your going to find that one in a million situation and will convince yourself that’s what’s happening to your child. You might end up rushing your baby to the ER with nick from nail clippers and sit there while the nurse silently makes fun of you or if you manage to compose yourself you’ll just lay awake all night wondering if you should have taken your child to the ER.

Am I the only one who does this? I can’t be!

The internet is both a blessing and a curse to parents. It is really handy to be able to look things up when you are unsure. Read what others are doing. Educate yourself a little bit. Do research and find what works best for your family. When Mr. T. was born I spent countless hours reading and researching his condition. I read other parents stories who were going through the same and worse. I realized that his condition wasn’t as bad as it could have been and that we were very lucky. I learned what could come down the road. I made sure I understood what his condition was all about. I analyzed it on my own terms and armed myself with questions that I could go back to his doctors at Sick Kids with. It was truly an amazing tool.

BUT I have also overdone it. I’ve found those random posts that shows the worst possible outcome of a situation and have convinced myself that this is what’s wrong with my child. I’ve literally diagnosed my kids with a multitude of serious illnesses that just aren’t there.

Thinking about this topic made me realize that I have some anxiety about my kids health, especially when it comes Ms. J. She was born healthy and I haven’t fully grasped that yet. I am always waiting for the other shoe to fall. When she gets nicked and the bleeding won’t stop I think “Ok this is it, brace yourself”…nothing happens. Then she starts to vomit for no apparent reason and I think “all right here we go, this is when we are going to find out that there is something more serious going on”…knock on wood so far that hasn’t happened. I don’t know when I’m going to let go of that worry.

Do all parents think like this? Does every person who has a child lay awake at night when their child is ill waiting for them to call out for you? Do you all wonder if something small isn’t actually something small but is in fact a huge problem? Is it normal to panic about a health issue that hasn’t even occurred yet?

I’m afraid. I’m afraid that something else is going to happen and that I won’t have the strength to get through it this time.  So I google..I google away to try to ease my fears. My intention is to assure myself that it’s a normal childhood thing, which it normally is….Even though my intentions are good sometimes the end result isn’t. My worries aren’t wiped away but in fact they are intensified by reading about extraordinary illness that are out there and really the chances of my child having that are slim to none. Yet I torture myself every time.

Was it better before when you didn’t have all of this info at your fingertips? Both good and bad info. Or are we better off being able to research our concerns even though they may end up blown out of proportion?

I haven’t figured that out yet..but I do still wonder what DID parents do before google????