Hello world!

So I’ve never blogged before. I’m not even sure I know how to blog. I’m not even sure why I’m blogging. What makes me think that I have anything important enough to say that others are actually going to want to read it? Is my life really that interesting?

To be honest I’m not really doing this with the mind set that others might read it and think that I’m incredibly witty and interesting. I’m doing it more to preserve my own sanity.

I’m a mother who is currently on maternity leave and I feel a little cut off from the outside world right now. I used to be interesting. I used to have amazing, intellectual conversations with people from many different walks of life. I think I led a fairly interesting life. I travelled, I read, I saw movies and chatted with friends.

Then my two wonderful, beautiful children entered my life and bam! All of a sudden all my conversations seem to be centered around potty training, time outs and sleeping through the night. My travelling now consists of drives to local play groups and reading…well that is the two or three pages I get in before my eyes finally can’t be propped open anymore and I’m out like a light…until the baby starts crying from her crib and my 2 year old has crawled in beside me and has somehow managed to push both my husband and I right to the edge of our king size bed!

Now I am one of the first of my group of friends to have children. This means that when I do chat with my friends I feel guilty. I feel like I have become that woman. The woman who has kids and all of a sudden can’t talk about anything else. The woman who seems to have lost herself and lost all interests outside of her family.

When my husband walks through the door and I start chatting his ear off because I haven’t really talked to anyone all day except babies, he just rolls his eyes. He’s had a long day at work and doesn’t necessarily want to hear how Mr. T ate chunks of butter from the butter dish when I wasn’t looking and how Ms. J somehow managed to poop herself all the way up to her hairline.

Well there…right there is the reason that I have decided to blog. Because I WANT to talk about my kids and my child filled life without feeling guilty. I would like to be able to vent and talk about the best way to discipline a two year old as well as get breastfeeding tips from other mummy’s. I want to feel like I’m not alone.  I’m not alone right? There are other mummy’s out there who are in the same boat as me aren’t there?

I really would just like to be able to talk! I’m a chatter! Always have been…always will be. The difference is that right now the biggest part of my life are my children and that might not be as interesting to everyone else in my life as it is to me. The thing is I know there are other mummy’s out there who feel the same way as me. There must be! So that is why I decided to do this. I am reaching out to all you other wonderful mummy’s out there. If you feel like your life has been taken over by tiny creatures. If you feel tired and drained and a little unkempt. If you feel like you don’t really have that much to talk about anymore…or more that others don’t really care about what you have to say anymore then stand up! If you feel all of those things and are loving every second of it then stand up beside me and let’s chat!

Finally I can talk!!!


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